Ride Hard, Ride Long


I rode. I rode a lot for what Ia m used to this past weekend. Friday I worked Akeem nicely (see his first lesson) then move forward to Saturday where I rode DJ without stirrups even mounted without them. Keeper I just did circles and work without spurs though so my legs were dead.

On Sunday, here is the fun stuff. Kim was there, so woosh, jumping occurs. Keeper is first. Keeper is an older man that loves to jump and that is about as much as he wants to do anyways. He is really sweet in the sense that he allows one to regulate his pace easily and jumps quite readily. I haven't jumped in probably two months besides little tings here or there. Warm-up is over a small hay bale oxer that is nicely placed for causing the rider to make small circles over it...well Keeper isn't a fan of bending. Anyways we do that and all is good I am feeling pretty good cause I haven't really screwed up much. I wasn't giving enough direction early on but that was quickly amended. Then Kim points at the jump that is probably 3'3 or 3'6 vertical with a quick turn after it.
I did it. Poorly. I threw my body and long released him. It was bad. Next one was pretty phenomenal, not perfect but I had my bend in, released nicely, and landed with directions. What I did wrong? I was too quick, not rushing, but quick. Fixed, but I took my distance in a hunter length not as the base like I should know to do. 4th try....I get it. Felt great.
The reason I was to turn quick was because this was a long two or short three. I need to work on slow and meaningful, I was to make the vertical to a square oxer 3'6" high and wide. It was incredible. I think that was truly the largest due to width and the that when I took it as a three he launched, launched launched, launched, there goes the moon, what a pretty blueberry, landed.
My legs swept back , my body momentarily weightless, and my thumbs jammed securely into the neck of Keeper. Landing was a surge of swift speed, and me still thinking about the jump, not my leads. I landed on the left not the right and didn't switch till late. Did it again, and again, both times I felt my weightless body. Second time I concentrated on my legs staying forward, and third I truly felt as if I was soaring. We were done after that.
I flew later too but for a different reason, she is fast, and she sees that jump and is like "WOOHOOO JUMPS" -- I didn't do much besides attempting to break her anticipation habitat. It was fun but geesus How do I fix that?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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Miranda Turpin said...

Wow, jumping sounds like so much fun. That is one thing I have never had the pleasure of learning to do. I don't count jumping on trail because I do that simply with the goal of getting over it. I am sure I am a sloppy mess. I sure hope I have a chance to actually take jumping lessons someday soon.

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