Week of the Horse.

This weekend was the first horse trial held at the Texas Rose HP, which is absolutely great news. It felt as if it went from smooth and the reviews seemed very good from what little I heard. It also made me pumped. it was very very busy so let's start form the top:
Lesson on Akeem was really rally great. He was softening through the bottom and balancing out. He did his straightening exercises phenomenally for him. He was less distracted by activities outside the arena (not saying he wasn't at all). He was on a circle making it larger and smaller, not leg yields just following the leg pressures and aide hints. He needs to relax and be focused on things so detailed lessons. He tosses his head and throws a fuss if I don't stay aware of his tiredness.

Saturday, my leg was throbbing. But the event was going smooth. I helped trained a lady to be ring steward and then moved on to making sure everything was managed on the grounds and people taken care of. Then collapsed the dressage arenas.

Sunday - cross country. Our course has never been ran before till this day. It was wonderful, everything smooth, only a couple of falls, and few refusals. People loved the rolling hills, natural fixed obstacles, and variety of lighting. Got to keep my leg up too :D
I learned instead of working a show this coming weekend that I am instead showing. I AM NERVOUS. SCARED. FREAKING OUT IN A WAY. But I am excited in a great way. I truly adore DJ and think she will be great.

Monday - farrier. Annie was suppose to come with but that didn't happen. She loaded up nicely, and everything was all good. It was all good then the herd rioted. Threw a fit! And she flew out and wasn't sure about getting in it after that.
Tuesday - clean all my tack
Wednesday - going to do lesson RIDE JUMP RIDE RIDE
Thursday -pack everything
Saturday - Show
Sunday -Show
Monday- cry ;)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


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