Akeem with pictures and a video!

Lesson went well. I was fortunate enough to have a week of good weather, which allowed me for once to exercise him 3 times between the lessons. Oh baby he is definitely cleaning up nicely but we are still MILES from presentable. I am even riding like poo. Excuse that, should say POOPOO. Anyways, so he still tosses his head some, considerably less than it was and he is moving a lot better in a more balanced manner. At one time I could have sworn he might have been swimming. Shrinking and growing my circles to make him more relaxed and connected to the reins was the exercise of the day but the crowning achievement was a canter depart without ANY bucking or getting so riled up that we appear to be racing. He is still rather quick *cough* possibly an understatement, however, another exercise besides spirals is making him adjustable in his tempos and more responsive. We were doing this through simply collection and extension work. Through the typical means of me using my posting which really was sweet.

The video and pictures are luckily not the best of his work from the lesson. But I don't want to only show the best. I want to show the overall mess. :D

Monday, March 22, 2010


Miranda Turpin said...

Jelly! He is looking so good! I know it's not perfect yet but I know you must be so excited with his progress. He looks a little "quick" like you said, but I can't help but think that his trot and canter must feel really nice. It just looks smooth and kind of floaty. I'm a right? Keep it up!

TheJellyJar said...

They are not too bad. I am sure once he learns to use his body they will be great. I can sit it nicely, comparatively to Shadow, though they are similar to a riding lawnmower. Shadow glides or shuffles so nicely that I am really spoiled.
Once he learns to be more confident in his gaits(he has 3 good ones), stronger in his haunch, and use his under and topline effectively that he will have wonderful gaits.

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