If you receive something and it isn't your birthday or Christmas. Ask me how I am doing emotional. I give when I am depressed, lonely, or not in general well. I am a peace maker. I do like to give and that is why I do it when I need a pick me up.

On that note, I am looking for some charities to work with. Like going to Indonesia and helping in the schools teaching english or math. Or help building more sustainable gardens (being an agricultural major that is more in lie with my abilities)...

I recognize my motives aren't the most pure in the sense that I know the altruistic appearance is purely selfish. I do like teaching though. I love to see the kids become invigorated by the material and really wrap their minds around the new concepts that my lesson plan had for them. I love to see people learn to garden and educate them on sustainable and natural methods that are cheaper alternatives to the traditional methods that are propogated through business agendas.

I dunno. I am not happy right now because of people. They are dumb.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


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