First Show of the Year

First show was March 6th and 7th.
I started off in the wrong mood. I was so bummed and intimidated due to the fact that I am a professional level. There are people in that level that should use my face to mop the floor, simply put. Also, I had time to think while I was sitting by the gate to go in. DJ and I, in such a level, true it is a schooling show but really, against women who have done this their entire lives? OH NO! I didn't do well. I defeated myself. One 6 out of 7 and then undersaddle I took last place.
Sunday, I changed my perception. I wasn't going to go waste my money, I wasn't going to go be beat by myself and the course. This time I also added and add back so that I had the ability to get on course lock up because "HOLY BANANAS BATMAN I AM SHOWING AGAIN." I still did well, 4th. Then I did my second hunter...3rd...that is right 3rd. Woot Woot.

Now I need to think after my jumps about my after jump not my next jump. I could of held deeper corners, and for the love of Deej, I need to learn to stay balanced in the middle or outside of my saddle to get my flying changes. They shouldn't be so hard, cause I can get them but noooo, I cross cantered a majority of my course. GAH. Oh well the next time I will get my flys, because I will think about my path more, and I will do better.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


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