Mission 20X

This year is a goal oriented year. Why? Simply because it is the beginning of the third decade of my life...yes I turned 20 this year. What next though how am I going to make sure that the next decade is as good or better as the last one?
Going to make goals.
Long term ones.
Last decade there were some not very original such as get through college, do well at my sport, and enjoy life to it's fullest. There were trials one of which I am glad I got out of my system for the last decade not this one. It bled into this decade but I am not going to dwell on it. I will grow from the process of healing and learning. Learned why I should avoid toxic people which is great and valuable thing to know.

Enough of the past. I am a 'look-on-the-brightside-person.' TO THE FUTURE!

This decade I will reduce my impact on the earth, knit more, learn to crochet better, ride to my fullest ability, garden, get my degree(s), get married to my love, and travel. Evolve a lifestyle that I can live with.

This year I will start off right by starting all those goals. Maintaining my fitness or increase my lifestyle through belly dance, pilates, yoga, swimming, and muscle work; long muscles are the goal. I will reduce my waste and impact on the earth by using more natural products and other means. I will ride, ride, ride - event, hunters, jumpers, race use all my horses and professionals' knowledge to learn. Knit more, I have a list of items and will post it later mostly socks, tunics, and other stuff. Love most.
Once a week I will learn a new exercise for riding.
Once a week I will find a weird way of exercise.
Once a week I will find a way to reduce my impact.
Once a week I will knit at least 4 inches.
Daily I will put aside time to love.
---I will probably add things but no, no subtractions.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


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