Weeks In Brief

Week 1 Jan 1-9
My mother and I plotted the garden seeds necessary for our seasonal eating plan that we started.
I worked on developing a training schedule for my ponies. :D Also, started my father's birthday scarf.

Week 2 Jan 10-16
Mother and I switched to just goat soap. Rather nice and leaves the skin ohhhh so nice feeling. Read a little thing on the judging practices in the hunter derby ring and how it keeps calling my name.

Week 3 Jan 17-23
Ordered my seeds! I am excited can't wait for them to get in and started looking around at different water bottles to take to school and work. Knitted some mean rows on my socks too. I really need to finish my scarf though.

Week 4 Jan 24-30
Do you have any idea how many water bottles are on the market? This journey went from simply looking at a few to realize there is a lot more to know about bottles. I really love some of these but they are not quite as "earth friendly" due to their paints and well I look forward to aluminum over than food grade steel. My seeds got in :D Already planted some chamomile, sage, and marigolds. Marigolds are true heirlooms from my grandmother - little nervous as to whether they will actually grow. lol. dad's scarf is about 2/3 of the way done and his birthday was Jan. 25!

Week 5 Jan 31- Feb 6
This was a lovely week. Went back to work and worked with the horses and rode A LOT. ORDERED MY BOTTLE TOO! Found a Sigg on ebay that was just screaming "YOU NEED ME" and I figured it was probably right. Been so busy I haven't knitted really at all. Shame on me!
Received my seeds and planted. I now have Soyu Long cukes down, Curiosity Nigella, and Lemon balm.

Week 6 Feb 7-13
Great weekend. A lot of fun, limited riding but I did go and check out a barn to improve my dressage. It is rather promising but more expensive than I was hoping. I just don't see how anyone's time is $75/45minutes. Eh, very little knitting again.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


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