Time for my weekly update. Why Thursdays? I dunno. My weekends are rather busy bustling with horses and activity. This update is rather bloated with pictures, but I owe you some right? Of course. Anyways that picture of the ponies running in about 12 inches of snow is one of the best from our wintery mix 2 weeks ago. I have some videos that will be uploaded on facebook I think. Now I have accumulated a few books that I wish to read here soon (before march ends) followed by some seedling pictures, and finally of course my Sigg bottle.


Steven Pinker's discussion of how language isn't a manifestation of the mind, however, the conversation of personal manner. Really Interesting read thus far.

The next was assigned for extra credit in my ethics class. Haven't made it far mostly because I just can't get pumped. End of Food by Paul Roberts is a diatribe on the food industry.

Lastly, in this binging of investigators and weird topics of nonfiction there is the all so popular Michael Pollan's " The Omnivore's Dilemma" which was bolstered yet again due to the movie Food Inc. Which him and Paul Roberts were both very active within.
Haven't started.

These are just baby pictures.

These are cucumbers and others. :D

The young ones. Mostly lettuces here.

MY SIGG. Really proud of this for a silly reason.

That silly reason is simply that I no longer have to drink Commerce water at school nor have to buy plastic bottles that cost at least $1.50. The water there in Commerce has failed test numerous times and while that normally doesn't bother me...It even taste horrible. This is a pretty bottle that is an 1 L for my work and school that require a lot of liquid to be available. Plus, it is my ecological and minimizing my impact I did a few weeks ago.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


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