If you receive something and it isn't your birthday or Christmas. Ask me how I am doing emotional. I give when I am depressed, lonely, or not in general well. I am a peace maker. I do like to give and that is why I do it when I need a pick me up.

On that note, I am looking for some charities to work with. Like going to Indonesia and helping in the schools teaching english or math. Or help building more sustainable gardens (being an agricultural major that is more in lie with my abilities)...

I recognize my motives aren't the most pure in the sense that I know the altruistic appearance is purely selfish. I do like teaching though. I love to see the kids become invigorated by the material and really wrap their minds around the new concepts that my lesson plan had for them. I love to see people learn to garden and educate them on sustainable and natural methods that are cheaper alternatives to the traditional methods that are propogated through business agendas.

I dunno. I am not happy right now because of people. They are dumb.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ponies ponies ponies....

Akeem, I love him sometimes. Is going great.

DJ, came to my house to stay. She is excited by the pasture and she clearly loves having Annie around to push around. :)

I have had so many tests, so many projects, and SO many essays that I feel like quitting. But then I have a good ride and I feel better. Which is why I should ride more when stress amounts to being an evil monster. I marked out a mile track allowing me to use that as another source to ride with. :)

Did a lot of planting, did a lot some knitting, and my favorite, did some camp planting. :D

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Akeem with pictures and a video!

Lesson went well. I was fortunate enough to have a week of good weather, which allowed me for once to exercise him 3 times between the lessons. Oh baby he is definitely cleaning up nicely but we are still MILES from presentable. I am even riding like poo. Excuse that, should say POOPOO. Anyways, so he still tosses his head some, considerably less than it was and he is moving a lot better in a more balanced manner. At one time I could have sworn he might have been swimming. Shrinking and growing my circles to make him more relaxed and connected to the reins was the exercise of the day but the crowning achievement was a canter depart without ANY bucking or getting so riled up that we appear to be racing. He is still rather quick *cough* possibly an understatement, however, another exercise besides spirals is making him adjustable in his tempos and more responsive. We were doing this through simply collection and extension work. Through the typical means of me using my posting which really was sweet.

The video and pictures are luckily not the best of his work from the lesson. But I don't want to only show the best. I want to show the overall mess. :D

Monday, March 22, 2010

First Show of the Year

First show was March 6th and 7th.
I started off in the wrong mood. I was so bummed and intimidated due to the fact that I am a professional level. There are people in that level that should use my face to mop the floor, simply put. Also, I had time to think while I was sitting by the gate to go in. DJ and I, in such a level, true it is a schooling show but really, against women who have done this their entire lives? OH NO! I didn't do well. I defeated myself. One 6 out of 7 and then undersaddle I took last place.
Sunday, I changed my perception. I wasn't going to go waste my money, I wasn't going to go be beat by myself and the course. This time I also added and add back so that I had the ability to get on course lock up because "HOLY BANANAS BATMAN I AM SHOWING AGAIN." I still did well, 4th. Then I did my second hunter...3rd...that is right 3rd. Woot Woot.

Now I need to think after my jumps about my after jump not my next jump. I could of held deeper corners, and for the love of Deej, I need to learn to stay balanced in the middle or outside of my saddle to get my flying changes. They shouldn't be so hard, cause I can get them but noooo, I cross cantered a majority of my course. GAH. Oh well the next time I will get my flys, because I will think about my path more, and I will do better.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week of the Horse.

This weekend was the first horse trial held at the Texas Rose HP, which is absolutely great news. It felt as if it went from smooth and the reviews seemed very good from what little I heard. It also made me pumped. it was very very busy so let's start form the top:
Lesson on Akeem was really rally great. He was softening through the bottom and balancing out. He did his straightening exercises phenomenally for him. He was less distracted by activities outside the arena (not saying he wasn't at all). He was on a circle making it larger and smaller, not leg yields just following the leg pressures and aide hints. He needs to relax and be focused on things so detailed lessons. He tosses his head and throws a fuss if I don't stay aware of his tiredness.

Saturday, my leg was throbbing. But the event was going smooth. I helped trained a lady to be ring steward and then moved on to making sure everything was managed on the grounds and people taken care of. Then collapsed the dressage arenas.

Sunday - cross country. Our course has never been ran before till this day. It was wonderful, everything smooth, only a couple of falls, and few refusals. People loved the rolling hills, natural fixed obstacles, and variety of lighting. Got to keep my leg up too :D
I learned instead of working a show this coming weekend that I am instead showing. I AM NERVOUS. SCARED. FREAKING OUT IN A WAY. But I am excited in a great way. I truly adore DJ and think she will be great.

Monday - farrier. Annie was suppose to come with but that didn't happen. She loaded up nicely, and everything was all good. It was all good then the herd rioted. Threw a fit! And she flew out and wasn't sure about getting in it after that.
Tuesday - clean all my tack
Wednesday - going to do lesson RIDE JUMP RIDE RIDE
Thursday -pack everything
Saturday - Show
Sunday -Show
Monday- cry ;)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Time for my weekly update. Why Thursdays? I dunno. My weekends are rather busy bustling with horses and activity. This update is rather bloated with pictures, but I owe you some right? Of course. Anyways that picture of the ponies running in about 12 inches of snow is one of the best from our wintery mix 2 weeks ago. I have some videos that will be uploaded on facebook I think. Now I have accumulated a few books that I wish to read here soon (before march ends) followed by some seedling pictures, and finally of course my Sigg bottle.


Steven Pinker's discussion of how language isn't a manifestation of the mind, however, the conversation of personal manner. Really Interesting read thus far.

The next was assigned for extra credit in my ethics class. Haven't made it far mostly because I just can't get pumped. End of Food by Paul Roberts is a diatribe on the food industry.

Lastly, in this binging of investigators and weird topics of nonfiction there is the all so popular Michael Pollan's " The Omnivore's Dilemma" which was bolstered yet again due to the movie Food Inc. Which him and Paul Roberts were both very active within.
Haven't started.

These are just baby pictures.

These are cucumbers and others. :D

The young ones. Mostly lettuces here.

MY SIGG. Really proud of this for a silly reason.

That silly reason is simply that I no longer have to drink Commerce water at school nor have to buy plastic bottles that cost at least $1.50. The water there in Commerce has failed test numerous times and while that normally doesn't bother me...It even taste horrible. This is a pretty bottle that is an 1 L for my work and school that require a lot of liquid to be available. Plus, it is my ecological and minimizing my impact I did a few weeks ago.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ride Hard, Ride Long


I rode. I rode a lot for what Ia m used to this past weekend. Friday I worked Akeem nicely (see his first lesson) then move forward to Saturday where I rode DJ without stirrups even mounted without them. Keeper I just did circles and work without spurs though so my legs were dead.

On Sunday, here is the fun stuff. Kim was there, so woosh, jumping occurs. Keeper is first. Keeper is an older man that loves to jump and that is about as much as he wants to do anyways. He is really sweet in the sense that he allows one to regulate his pace easily and jumps quite readily. I haven't jumped in probably two months besides little tings here or there. Warm-up is over a small hay bale oxer that is nicely placed for causing the rider to make small circles over it...well Keeper isn't a fan of bending. Anyways we do that and all is good I am feeling pretty good cause I haven't really screwed up much. I wasn't giving enough direction early on but that was quickly amended. Then Kim points at the jump that is probably 3'3 or 3'6 vertical with a quick turn after it.
I did it. Poorly. I threw my body and long released him. It was bad. Next one was pretty phenomenal, not perfect but I had my bend in, released nicely, and landed with directions. What I did wrong? I was too quick, not rushing, but quick. Fixed, but I took my distance in a hunter length not as the base like I should know to do. 4th try....I get it. Felt great.
The reason I was to turn quick was because this was a long two or short three. I need to work on slow and meaningful, I was to make the vertical to a square oxer 3'6" high and wide. It was incredible. I think that was truly the largest due to width and the that when I took it as a three he launched, launched launched, launched, there goes the moon, what a pretty blueberry, landed.
My legs swept back , my body momentarily weightless, and my thumbs jammed securely into the neck of Keeper. Landing was a surge of swift speed, and me still thinking about the jump, not my leads. I landed on the left not the right and didn't switch till late. Did it again, and again, both times I felt my weightless body. Second time I concentrated on my legs staying forward, and third I truly felt as if I was soaring. We were done after that.
I flew later too but for a different reason, she is fast, and she sees that jump and is like "WOOHOOO JUMPS" -- I didn't do much besides attempting to break her anticipation habitat. It was fun but geesus How do I fix that?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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